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Dependent type infrastructure for machine learning


Partial function application, compile time arity verification, automatic differentiation, and built to coexist with Scheme using the Guile compiler.

> (reduce + (map (flip expt 2) '(0 1 2 3)))

Partial application

The sum of squares of a list.

(definec (f x θ) (adot θ x 1))

(definec (mse x y) (mean (expt (- y x) 2)))

(definec loss (∘ (mse #0(1)) (f #(1/4 3/4))))

> (map loss '(#(4 4/3) #(1 0) #(2 2/3)))
(1 9/16 0)

Defining new functions

Loss over parameters `θ' of a model `f' evaluated at `x' = #(1/4 3/4) using the mean square error `mse' with respect to an expected output of 1.

> (map (rdiff loss) '(#(4 4/3) #(1 0) #(2 2/3)))
(#(1/2 3/2) #(-3/8 -9/8) #(0 0))
> (map (fdiff (flip expt 2)) '(0 1 2 3))
(0 2 4 6)

Automatic differentiation

The derivative of the loss at each input and the derivative 2x of x^2.

> (type-of 'not)
(0 . 0)

> (type-of '∘)
((6 . 7) . ((8 . 6) . (8 . 7)))


Currently, cons cell are function types, 0 is the type of anything but functions, and numbers greater than 0 are type variables.


In development

Features we are currently working on.

(∷ concatenate-vectors
   (Π (: a Set)
      (Π (: m ℕ)
	 (Π (: n ℕ)
	    (→ (Vec a m)
	       (→ (Vec a n)
		  (Vec a (+_ℕ m n))))))))

(concatenate-vectors ℝ 1 2 #(-0.66) #(0.06 -0.34))

Dependent types

Prototypical, sugar-free example, expressing the type of a function that returns a vector the length of which is the sum of lengths of two input vectors, all vectors having elements of the same type.


  • Single-precision floating-points.
  • Parallelization.
  • Higher order differentiation.
  • Adam, convolutions, transformers, etc.
  • Improved embedding of the type system in Scheme.


We acknowledge and are grateful for the support of the NGI Zero Core project from NLnet.

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